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22 - 28 July
Boston, US

UNINTER USA and The International Entrepreneurship Center (IEC), offers an intensive, 1 week Summer program for undergrads and professionals that focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation. 
Participants live and attend classes at the prestigious Lasell College Campus, visit Harvard and MIT as well as other leading startups from the Boston area, and earn a certificate from IEC.

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It is a 1-week program - taught in Boston at the beautiful Lasell College campus - by top faculty and business experts from around the world. The program guides participants through the process of creating a successful enterprise and using innovative problem-solving methods in business. The participants will also have the opportunity to visit companies, network with other entrepreneurs, and understand the vibrant Boston Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

Participants learn key concepts and methods for starting and growing businesses with renowned professors and practitioners with large international experience leading and consulting high-growth businesses.
The program combines class discussions and interactive workshops along with visits to Harvard, MIT and innovative companies.
Students and Professionals who want to learn what it takes to be successful, to start their own business, or to bring innovation to a company. Classes are in English.
Students receive a certificate from International Entrepreneurship Center.
Registration on or before April 15th: $2,000
From April 16th to May 15th: $2,200
After May 15th: $2,500
All rates are in American dollars and include all classes, materials, lodging, most meals, company visits and ground transportation
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Want to study in Boston, USA?

Join UNINTER USA and IEC on this Program and learn how to create a business that can help change the World  


1 Week 2019

* The agenda can be updated before the Program starts. 


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CARLOS RUFIN . International Business Professor
As a Director of International Programs at Suffolk University, in an increasingly globalized business climate, Dr. Carlos Rufin is tasked with making sure Suffolk business students enter the workforce as well-traveled, multicultural citizens.Rufin teaches several international business courses. As a business consultant, he is a multi-faceted professional with advanced training in economics and public policy analysis, and extensive experience in market-based approaches to infrastructure development, Public-Private Partnerships, multi-stakeholder collaboration and partnerships, energy markets, renewable energy, and business development, as well as command of several major languages.
BA, Princeton University

Columbia University 
PhD, Harvard University
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BOB CASPE . Entrepreneurship Professor
Bob is a Serial Entrepreneur having started and served as CEO and Chairman of three high technology companies over thirty years. His companies were in the medical imaging, newspaper imaging, digital cameras and consumer electronics industries. In 2003, Bob began seven years teaching Entrepreneurship and Marketing at Babson College's MBA program. He teaches all over the world for leading universities on entrepreneurship and small business development.
BS, New York University
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SCOTT SARGIS . International Business Expert
Scott comes from the Monitor Group, a global consultancy that was acquired by Deloitte. He served in a variety of capacities there, including as the leader of the firm's Middle East practice, based in Dubai and Riyadh. Earlier in his career, Scott was with Strategic Pricing Group, a boutique pricing strategy consulting firm where he led the development and management of one of the firm's largest clients as well as the firm's Western Region practice. Scott has spent significant parts of his career with several engineering and environmental consulting organizations, as well as alternative and mainstream energy companies, including the Chevron Corporation.
BS, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
JD, Suffolk University


You can subscribe for the program through the website:

The last day to sign up will be June 22nd so there is enough time to arrange the accommodations for your arrival. The earlier you sign up, better are the rates.It is very important that you do not take any additional actions regarding your trip such as buying tickets or scheduling Visa until you get the final confirmation of the program.

You must be at least 18 years of age to be accepted in the program.

You should purchase your ticket only after you have received a confirmation that your registration has been accepted and processed.

A Brazilian identification document and proof of residency is enough to sign up. After your registration is confirmed you will receive the contract and link for payment along with information on additional documents needed.

After you receive your confirmation you will receive a link to make a payment. We offer 3 options of payments: wire transfer, credit or debit card and boleto bancario.Payments will be made through a third-party platform called Ebanx. You will be able to pay all at once or set up installment payments if desired.


1. Who pays for the flight?
Flight tickets should ONLY be bought after the program confirmation has been sent to you. The cost of flight is not included on the program and it is the participant’s responsibility. Suggested flights will be sent to you so the arrival is within the time that transportation will be available.

 2. Do I need travel insurance?
Yes. You must have travel insurance and it is mandatory that it includes health insurance in case of emergency or any other medical attention while in the US.

3. Do I need a student Visa?
No. But you will need a visa to enter the US.

4. What kind of Visa do I need?
Visa for workshops are usually B1/B2 (Business and Tourism). If you already have it you don’t need a new one just make sure that it is valid during the time of the program. Support documentation will be sent to you shortly after the program confirmation.

5. Is someone going to pick me up at the airport?
Yes, there will be someone from our team waiting for you at the airport with a vehicle to transport you to the college campus however it is very important that you follow the schedule and the suggested flights in order to have the assistance available. If you choose to arrive earlier or later than the pre-determined dates and times you will be responsible for the transportation from the airport to the place you decide to stay (your own responsibility to choose accommodations).

The same rule applies to going back to the airport at the end of your program. The required arrival and departure times will be informed before you purchase your flight ticket.

6. What is included on the price of the program?
The program includes:
  • Classes;
  • Meals;
  • Sleeping accommodations;
  • Certification;
  • Company visits;
  • Transportation (not included if not part of the program)

7. What happens if I get sick? 
You will be staying only 5 minutes away from a hospital. In case of emergency you will be transported to the nearby hospital, called Newton-Wellesley Hospital. It is very important that you purchase health insurance in the travel insurance package in case of emergency. Any medical costs will be your responsibility.


1. How long is the program?
The program runs from 22nd through 28th of July of 2019. The participants will arrive in Boston on the morning of Monday, the 22nd of July and they leave on Sunday, the 28th of July 2019.

2. Can I arrive earlier?
It is not recommended however if you choose to do so you will be responsible for your own accommodation, transportation and food until Monday the 22nd of July. We will not be able to accommodate any participants before and after the pre-determined dates.

3. How does the program work?
On the first day of the program you will have a session that will talk about campus rules, social activities during your time in Boston and guidelines of the program along with some American culture tips.

4. What is the average length of the classes?
Classes run from 9am – 12pm (noon) in the morning and from 1pm – 4pm in the afternoon. All classes will be in English only. You must be able to comprehend English to attend the program.

5. Where will I stay?
You will be staying in a college campus called Lasell. Located at 1844 Commonwealth Avenue in the city of Newton - MA , zip code 02466.

Newton is part of the greater Boston area just 15 minutes from downtown. Newton’s is a very wealthy town. It’s nickname is “the garden city” for its abundance of tree-lined streets and open spaces for recreation.  

6. How are the accommodations?
You are staying in a room with 2 beds and will share the room with another participant. A bathroom is shared with another room. 
More details of the dorms will be sent to you prior to your arrival.

7. Will be able to wash my own clothing during my stay?
Yes. There will be washing machines and dryers available to you in the campus.

8. Do I need to pack my own towels, pillows and sheets?
No, you do not need to worry about packing them. The dorms are equipped with a set of sheets, a blanket, pillow and pillowcase, bath and hand towels but there is no staff to clean the rooms so it will be your responsibility to wash any bedding if necessary, during your stay.

9. If I want to stay alone in a dorm what can I do?
If you want to stay in an individual room, there will be an additional cost of USD 500. But the bathroom will still be shared with other participants. 

10. Do I need to stay at Lasell?
Staying in campus is highly recommended as you always have our assistance and will be able to take better advantage of the program. If you choose to stay in a different place, we need to be notified ahead of time and you might lose some advantages of the program such as transportation.

The price is the same for all students independently of where you stay and no transportation to and from the campus will be provided.  

11. How much does the program cost? And what is included?
The prices below include: 
Transportation from the airport to the college campus; daily meals, except for when you are not in campus; transportation to all classes and events on the calendar; a place to stay during the time determined on the program and transportation back to the airport.

Prices for the whole program:
  • Until April 15th – USD 2000
  • April 16th until May 15th – USD 2200
  • After May 15th – USD 2500

12. Are the meals included on the package?
Yes. Your package includes breakfast, lunch and dinner at the campus during the weekday and brunch (a late breakfast early lunch) will be served on the weekend considering most participants will want to enjoy the free time to get to know the city on those days. 

The campus also offers vending machines for drinks and snacks at your own cost.

13. Can the program be canceled?
The program will proceed as planned if we have the minimum number of students registered, so until you get the payment confirmation don’t buy flight tickets, insurance or take any other actions regarding your trip. You will be notified of the program status no later than April 15th so there will be plenty of time to plan your trip accordingly.

14. What if I change my mind after I paid for the program and decide I want to cancel it and or I have an emergency and can no longer attend the program?
Information about this subject is on the contract. Please read the contract carefully.

15. Will I receive a certification at the end of the program?
Yes, you will receive a certification from IEC at closing session of the program. 

16. Who are going to be the professors?
You can view more details about the professors on our website.

17. Which companies we will visit?
You will find a detailed agenda on our website.

18. What is the language of the program? Will anyone speak Portuguese?
The program will be in English, the students must be able to understand, read and speak fluently in English in order to enjoy 100% of the program. Our staff speaks Portuguese so outside the classrooms and visits you will be able to speak Portuguese but there will be no translation during classes or any other activities.

19. Who will be assisting me if I have any questions during my stay?
You will have a staff that speaks English and Portuguese to support you during the program.


1. Will I have time to do social activities on my own?
Yes. We already have some activities scheduled but you will you also have time to be on your own if you desire. It is part of the program to have a staff member guide through the following places:
  • Walking tour across Boston;
  • Visit to Newbury Street (a famous shopping street in the center of Boston);
  • Prudential Mall (one of Boston’s skyscrapers) ;
  • Apple Store;
  • Faneuil Hall

2. Who will help me get around if I am not familiar with the area?
If you are following the program, a member of our staff will be available to help you get around. We will supply you with transportation pass that can be use in Bus and MBTA to move around Boston area. 

If you choose to be on your own, we can give you some guidance.

3. What is the weather like during the program?
JuIy is one of the warmest months of the year in the US with an average high temperature of 30 °C. We highly recommend the use of sunscreen. 

4. Will I be around any shopping centers?
Boston is known for many different shopping areas, from a glamour street like Newbury Street to many shopping malls, like Prudential Mall, in the center of Boston, and some outlets, generally located farther from the city. We will be able to visit some of them during the week, and some you might visit during your private free time. They are all very accessible from your staying location.


CALL 0800 702 0500
(Call wil be answered by Brazilian Portuguese speakers!)