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Day 1 Morning
Arrival in Boston

The students will arrive at Boston Logan Airport and transportation will be provided to take the group to Lasell College in Newton, Boston. The students will be led to do the check in and will be accommodated in their dormitory.
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Day 1 Afternoon 
Program Orientation 

During this half day, the participants will receive a program orientation that consist of:
• Understand the guideline of the program
• Understand the activities 
• Receive the workshop material
• Understand the campus rules and the program rules
After the orientation session the participants will have a welcome dinner and free time to explore the campus.
Day 2 Morning 
Module 1
Program Introduction

This module will cover the program introduction. The group will learn about the activities and the materials. After this module, the participants will be able to follow the program agenda without any trouble.
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Day 2 Morning
Module 2
Starting your Business

This first module introduces you to the life and challenges of the entrepreneur. What makes some businesses successful? Where should you start? Then, we will discuss how one defines how “compelling” a deal is, and how to maximize your opportunity.
This session will help you to understand the assets you have and what you can do with them. This class will give you tools to start your own business.

Starting your business  
• Assessing your skills
• Assessing your network
• Interviewing decision makers
• Solving Problems
• Creating a Business Model
• Starting your business
Day 2 Afternoon   
Module 3 
How to Innovate

This lecture is about how to be innovative in this new era of startups and big companies. During the class the group will learn about real cases of innovation in the US market, how the companies from other countries can manage to do that and how that reflects in the Brazilian market. Innovation is something that everyone needs to learn, no matter if you want to have your own business, innovate inside a multinational’s companies, or innovate you family business. During the class participants will work in real cases to learn how the innovation culture works. 
Day 2 Afternoon   
Module 4
How to Finance your Business 

This lecture is all about finding the money to build your business. Where you get your capital is optional but going without it is not. This session we will explore different approaches you can have to finance your new company in the US. There are lots of choices. We will discuss many ways you can finance your new company. Some of the topics we will discuss are:

• Client Financing
• Equity Financing
• Debt Financing
• Strategic Partnerships
Day 3 Morning   
Module 5 
Marketing for Entrepreneurs 
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This module is about the marketing challenges in an entrepreneurial firm. Entrepreneurship is the discovery, enactment and pursuit of new business opportunities. Successful execution of an entrepreneurial idea requires a sound marketing plan. In this course, we will investigate how marketing tools can enable entrepreneurs to realize the full potential of their ideas.
Day 3 Afternoon   
Module 6
Pitching your Idea 

During this half day students will learn how to best pitch their ideas and by the end of this module, participants will be able to identify the key components of a successful pitch.
Typical presentations should include:
• The problem that is being solved
• A brief description of the product/service
• Identification of the customer and market size
• A definition of the transaction
• A forward-looking statement outlining the near future steps
As well, participants will be asked to “role-play” a sales pitch to a customer. Be prepared to state, “who the customer is and “what the offer is to them.”
Day 4 Morning
Module 7
Visit Harvard & MIT
  • Harvard University
We will start the day visiting the 
famous Harvard University.

Harvard University is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. The University, which is based in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts, has an enrollment of over 20,000-degree candidates, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Harvard has more than 360,000 alumni around the world.
  • MIT
Then we move on to visit MIT 
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Founded to accelerate the nation’s industrial revolution, MIT is profoundly American. With ingenuity and drive, their graduates have invented fundamental technologies, launched new industries, and created millions of American jobs. Their community gains tremendous strength as a magnet for talent from around the world. Through teaching, research, and innovation, MIT’s exceptional community pursues its mission of service to the nation and the world.
Day 4 Afternoon 
Module 8
Visit Cambridge 
Innovation Center

The CIC is one of the most innovative places in Boston. Every Thursday they have the Venture Café where startups and get together to learn more about each other and discuss possible collaborations. The idea for this visit is for the participants to familiarize with Boston’s ecosystem and network with startups and companies. Participants will explore the Innovation world of the CIC.
• The Cambridge Innovation Center – The CIC is a co-working space that is home to over 600 entrepreneurs working on a myriad of interesting projects.
• The Venture Café (Inside the CIC) is where we will have a meetup
  • CIC ( Cambridge Innovation Center)
Day 5 Morning
Module 9
Visit MassChallenge 

During this morning we will visit MassChallenge, one of the biggest acceleration programs in USA, they attract and accelerate the best global startups.
Additional information about MassChalenge:

• Zero equity
• Non profit
• $2M+ equity free cash prizes
• Startups across industries
• $1B+ revenue generated
• 40% female founders
• $2.0B+ outside funding raise
• 65000 jobs created
  • MassChallenge
The participants will have a guided visit inside the MassChallenge to look at the startups and have conversations with entrepreneurs about their experience, struggles, and challenges.
Day 5 Morning
Module 10
How to enter the US market 

The United States represents an enormous market opportunity with a population of over 300 million.  Channels of distribution and marketing media choices are efficient and accessible.  However, competition in the US market is fierce and must be studied carefully in order to understand the real potential for any new entrant.

Often, the value statements that work in one country are not successful in another and must be modified.  During this module we will discuss what it takes for companies to enter this so powerful market.
We will discuss how business partnerships can be formed and the usefulness of this structure for entering a new market. We will examine reasons why an US company might want to partner with a Brazilian company and what the terms of the “deal” might be.
We will look at how to select a potential partner by examining the ecosystem that is influenced by your innovation, product or service.
Day 5 Afternoon 
Module 11
Team Challenge

During this session participants will deliver their final presentation. They will present ideas of new business using the tools and knowledge that they have learned during the program. The students will be divided in groups for this final project. 
Day 6 Morning
Walking Tour of Boston

We will take you on a guided walking tour of Boston, passing historic landmarks including the Boston Public Garden, Newbury Street, Boylston Street, The old North Church, Quincy Market, and the Harbor area.  
  • Boston
  • Boston
Day 7 Morning
Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall was built in 1742. It has served as a marketplace and meeting hall ever since.
Faneuil Hall is located near the waterfront and Government Center in Boston. It is a well-known stop on the Freedom Trail.
The ground floor contains shops and eating establishments. The second floor is a meeting room. The fourth floor contains the museum and armory of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts.
  • Boston


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